Darcy Holdorf

Darcy is a visual journalist currently based in the western hills of North Carolina. She speaks Spanish and Mandarin Chinese and has worked and traveled in more than 30 countries. Darcy’s recent work has focused on immigration and cultural integration of historically marginalized communities. She has been recognized for her documentary work by the Women in Photojournalism conference and as College Photographer of the Year. Her work has been featured in publications such as: The New York Times, BBC, CNN, National Geographic Traveler, Esquire, The Wall Street Journal, Reuters, Netease, CBN Weekly and Modern Weekly, among others. In 2O11, Darcy was awarded a grant from Ohio University to document the growing Nigerian Diaspora in China. In 2015, she was the official behind the scenes photographer for the Miss Universe China pageant and traveled with them across China and to Sri Lanka. She spent 2016 researching obscure Taoist practices in China, Thailand and Taiwan and producing short films about spiritual practices.
Darcy also has extensive experience in visual arts education. She is a lecturer with Project Luz, a community workshop on multimedia journalism for youth in Mexico. As the Photojournalism Fellow with the Voinovich School at Ohio University, she also developed and implemented a visual literacy program for graduate students in education at Ohio University and students in Ohio public high schools.